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If your Group or Facility has Perfusionists, Autotransfusionists, or other Perioperative Blood Management Personnel that are in need of Continuing Education, the ABTC Short Course maybe the answer to your needs.

The ABTC was initially created in July, 1999, as an effort to share the experience/expertise of PRFUZN, Inc. with other individuals that have an interest in this new and evolving technology.

The first ABTC was offered only in Jackson, Mississippi. The Course was 2 1⁄2 days.

Due to numerous requests, we developed (2013), the ABTC-SC, MOBILE COURSE, which consisted of 90% of the Original Course, but in a much condensed/refined 1 1⁄2 days educational offering. The "Mobile" ABTC Short Course allowed attendees to achieve "same time/same page educational training" and often eased clinical scheduling issues, due to the Course being presented at their base Facility. The 1 1⁄2 days Course then became the Standard for Jackson, MS.

Over the years of these two educational programs, there have been more than 2,500 attendees. The majority of these attendees have been U.S. based, but also from 22 different Countries.

Currently, due to the Covid 19 Virus, the ABTC-SC has now evolved into an On-LINE, one day (9 clock hours) Course. As it is an ON-LINE Course, the Wet Lab has been deleted.

The Purpose

The purpose of the Course is to impart knowledge acquired by PRFUZN, Inc. as an aid to the development of the technology. It is important to understand that the technical information presented during the Course may not be the only way of conducting the technology, but the information is presented as "what works for us." However, it is our intent that with the knowledge acquired during the ABTC-SC, each attendee does not have to re-invent the wheel in order to develop a successful clinical practice.


The Course

The Autologous Blood Therapy Course is a basic seminar developed for the individual that wishes to expand their knowledge of the new and exciting technology: PRP (platelet-rich-plasma)/ Platelet Concentrate, point-of-care stem cell processing, and autotransfusion.

The Course Content

Basic Science; Regulatory Agencies; Allogenic Blood; Osmosis, Osmotic Pressure, Solutions; ATF Indications/Contra; ATF Components; ATF Collecting, Processing, Reinfusion Bag, EBL, Documentation, Jehovah Witness; Sterile Technique; Centrifuges; Large, Small, Variable Devices; Policy/Process/Procedure; Reimbursements; Stem Cells; Fat; Benefiting A Clinical Practice; Injection Therapy; Mini-case Reports.

The Course requires completion of an ON-LINE educational offering, which requires 1 day (9 clock hours). Additionally, there is a post Class Self-Study assignment utilizing on-line publications. CEU's are awarded:10 Category I + 7 Category III = 17 CEU's + 8 Units for Clinical Activity for NRABT RE-Certification/Registration, in addition to a Certificate of Completion.

The design of the Course requires tuition of five hundred, twenty-five dollars ($525.00). INCLUDED are: On-Line Class, Course Notebook, Post Class Self Study Assignment, and NATIONAL REGISTRY OF AUTOLOGOUS BLOOD THERAPISTS (NRABT) 2 years Certification/Registration.

The Autologous Blood Therapy Short Course is offered, as requested and at pre-scheduled intervals.

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Pat H. Courtney, Jr. LP, RABT
Licensed Perfusionist
Registered Autologous Blood Therapist
Director of Clinical Services
Chief Executive Officer



Course Registrar: Glenda F. Courtney

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